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Comment by edgar irving 10 hours ago
@ WMP CC Egales 125s New to the club, but I did let the coaches know About the tournament hopefully they give you guys a call
Comment by West Miramar Patriots 10 hours ago

You know what... MXYFL teams openly changing the entire AYFL teams.  If SEC wants to showcase their dominance over the WAC, sign up for this Turkey Bowl and lets truly see who is truly better.

David vs Goliath matches....   


Comment by West Miramar Patriots 10 hours ago

West Miramar Patriots is officially calling out PPO Bengals specifically local-renowned Coach Chuck’s 13u team. 

Sign-up for this Turkey Bowl and lets have our rematch.  You can’t ignore the inevitable.

Give us our shot after the championships!


Comment by W.Prospects 17 hours ago
No some parents shouldn't be able to coach their kid(s), thou I have and I never put favoritism towards him I even snatch him out the game and sat him the bench numerous of times. But this one right now coach his son on peewee he told the other parents and players that his son is the quarterback cause he get more time to work with him then the other kids, that's plan out dumb and favoritism but his son aint get the job done team won no games. Thanks dad/coach
Comment by W.Prospects yesterday
@coach Ace yea they been scouting us they seen us play against Tamiami Colts, blew them out 27-6. But we ready for Palmetto, we won't see them till the big game. We ready for em. They got to bring it we don't allow points and our offense average 30 points a game. Just stay tune.
Comment by Santana yesterday

parents shouldn't allowed to coach in the same team their kids play innnnnnn…..b.s….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!straight up..

Comment by Santana yesterday

38 -7 and u still didn't put in ur back ups……c'mon johny O……..dis has to stop!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Vikes yesterday
Comment by Coach Ace on Thursday
Have you heard of the Palmetto Raiders 170's from Miami
Comment by W.Prospects on Thursday
News flash in Pop Warner...
Lauderhill Lions just beat Overtown Tornadoes to clench the #2 seed in the playoffs...
Lauderhill Lions on the way to the super bowl...
Comment by Coach Ace on Wednesday
I would like to nominate #1 Lil Zack of the South Miami Grey Ghosts Pee Wees for the heisman.
Comment by Fan of Youth Football on Wednesday
Any predictions on FYFL, 10u or 11u superbowl winners???
Comment by West Miramar Patriots on Tuesday

CALLING OUT - AYFL teams to sign-up for the Turkey Bowl Games. 
Please contact let me know if your want to participate in these games against MXYFL teams. ITS FREE TO PARTICIPATE!!!!!
Send email to [email protected]

Comment by Vikes on Monday
Comment by Dwayne grant on October 16, 2014 at 4:48am
Comment by Dwayne grant on October 16, 2014 at 4:47am
Heisman watch
East miramar dolphins
Damien "pinball" grant
Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 on October 16, 2014 at 1:45am

Dave (lil disco) Williams

Ftl Hurricanes




Comment by West Miramar Patriots on October 15, 2014 at 10:19pm

If this is open to the AYFL teams to participate and match up against MXYFL teams, will you do it?
Trying to get a gauge on the level of interest from the AYFL teams.

Comment by Coach AJ on October 15, 2014 at 4:21pm
Heisman watch Christopher Robinson #2
QB,safety Fort.Lauderdale rebels peewee
Ayfl 9-0
Comment by KEEMA on October 15, 2014 at 4:04pm






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