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Comment by Juan Restrepo 1 hour ago

Oh damn. Ok understood.
Comment by Fan of Youth Football 1 hour ago
@ Juan, don't want to downplay the kids but any given day anybody can do anything, but they only have 1 man, besides they just lost to East Boynton, 28-6, enough said!!!
Comment by Juan Restrepo 1 hour ago

Really lol? I heard they were good.
Comment by Fan of Youth Football 1 hour ago
@ Juan, do you mean Deerfield vs Canes 11u, cuz the Canes 12u, just don't have it man!!!!
Comment by Juan Restrepo 2 hours ago
Game of the week. Deerfield vs Hurricanes 12u.
Comment by Vikes 12 hours ago
Comment by Willie Thomas 16 hours ago
@anyone. Did the team from Gwen Cherry go to Scott Lake? If so? How do they look so far? Will they be able to knock off Bulldog?
Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 yesterday
Lmao.... Did you say Deerfield??? Lmao We waiting on October 11
Comment by Jalen Reeves Dad yesterday
@Edgar vonte is a great player that always comes prepared to play, trust me jalen knew he was going to have a battle, its a shame he went down with that injury and couldnt finish what wound up being a great game. We dont have the second tier players like in the past but we can match starters for starters with anyone. Edgar you saw the difference on film from the springs game to our game Saturday. 7starters out. Let them believe that they won the regular season super bowl after sitting our kids. You guys have a good team Edgar good luck the rest of the way. Tell vonte keep balling.
Comment by edgar irving yesterday
@ jalen no disrespect. Our sons went at it like always. My son told me u spoke to him and I was surprised he still new you. Said it made him feel like old times
Comment by matt geimer yesterday

@Tony Cooper glad everything is good w him. Have a good season. Stay healthy, High School is right around the corner....

Comment by Jalen Reeves Dad yesterday
@Juan, dont let nobody fool you. When our full compliment is allowed to play we have a tough team. Creek won and deserved to but should've been easier. Lol, look at the film. Men and women lie, film doesn't. Tell X do his thing.
Comment by Juan Restrepo yesterday

Glad to see yall pull through. Stay confident. You guys are still at the top of the 125s.
Comment by Fan of Youth Football yesterday
Hurricanes 11u, team doing your thang man!! That QB, running backs, receiving core and defense are on point! Told u, just a little adjusting and look at u! Test for u this weekend, Deerfield, but if you pass them, only thing in your way is Vikings, Bulldogs and Chiefs in my opinion!!!
Comment by Tony Cooper yesterday
My lil fool gud ova here and far as pulling him off the team huh ? For what! one game nah man. jr got hundreds of pics and news paper clippings so i mite switch it up 2 3 times a day. @Derrick the O line laid dwn cause of them big monsters yall had on the line lol and i
dnt care if it was superman in the back field it takes a whole team!! Coach made the call tha it wasn't worth finishing @matt it aint no secret Tht yall the s*** !!! Lil homie yall done won it lik 6times i dnt knw who blow it outta control lik it was bread on the line thts crazy but keep doing yo thang tho u and willie the TRUTH
Comment by edgar irving on Monday
@ Juan game was a lot harder then it should have been. With X would have been a run away
Some of the kids did not find out about X until wednesday, so they was not sure of Themselves
But they pulled it off. Should make us a stronger team in the long run
Comment by Coach Lett on Monday
What was the score of the NWb and lakes 10u
Comment by matt geimer on Monday

@Tony Cooper we all want to hear your side of the story. Did you really pull #34 off the team?

Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 on Monday
They say we too small but one thing about it we been winning for four years!!!
Comment by Derrick Jones on Monday

@ Tony Cooper did you switch teams after the PPO 13U game?  Who are you affiliated with Creek or Boca? What happened after the 1st half, # 34 was a no show, just asking is he okay?

LMAO on the photo switch!

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