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Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 12 minutes ago

track done this year for us... 3 more basketball games than back to some FOOTBALL!!!  speed drill and lower body for mike mike yall may know as #BEASTMODE#4!!! CANESCHECK115LB!!!

Comment by coach kenny 3 hours ago

Week 5 score keeper better get a lot of rest the night before the game.#wolfpack

Comment by Christopher McGonigal 4 hours ago
@ Tim, i agree with ya big dog. Im for unlimited weight and school year cut off. My entire new oline gotta loose double
@COach Varis, inbox me your number.
Comment by tim 5 hours ago
Chris you know football is changing kids are get bigger and faster. The more they put down the joystick and get outside its going to get even freakier. You keep and fish in a little fish bowl he's never going to grow put you put him in a big tank or a pond s*** skies the limit. Soon that birthday cut off wont help. It's only five more months left on the calendar what will AYFL do then
Comment by Coach Varis 5 hours ago
@coachchris call me or text me now
Comment by David 5 hours ago
@ raw same with me but well see how it goes. I'm not gonna fight him growing for too much longer.. The meetings usually on weds at our field house. But idk when the next is
Comment by Raww & Uncut 5 hours ago
Matte fact when is the next ayfl meeting
Comment by Raww & Uncut 5 hours ago
@ chris I feel u on that how bout u join us S*** we a bring it to who ever in charge...I need a name and where we can locate em...and @david I'm right behind u I was kinda leaning towards it this yr but I'ma stick it out its bout my son not me but @ tim I agree u right
Comment by Christopher McGonigal 6 hours ago
Dont worry Brown. I let all the kids plAy. I dont care what they weigh. I dont want no coach to say i didnt win cause
Jimmy didnt make weight. Ask Mel from the Ravens..he didnt hAve 1 kid
Get on that scale. Believe that!
Comment by Christopher McGonigal 6 hours ago
Tim, thats not accurate. I dont agree with the change in dates. Im pushing for unlimited 6th grade up. I coached unlimited for years & i know thats where we need to go. May not be this year but next year is looking promising. I wish I had as much pull as ya'll think cause if i did it wouldnt have been changed. Remember, ive been expelled twice in my league. Third gone. Ive always been the one Coach that has gone against the grain and told it how it is. I blead black and orane and ill do whatever it takes to make our league better. #betthat
Comment by David 6 hours ago
@ this rate I'll be in FLO next year.
Comment by tim 6 hours ago
Raw AYFL y'all are going to get the little kids who bday fall up under the crazy cheat to compete rule that AYFL put in place who's parents feel there child won't cut in the Flo
Comment by David 6 hours ago
@ raw I'm in that boat now, my son 123lbs.
Comment by Raww & Uncut 6 hours ago
All we gotta do is complain get parents involved write letters go to meetings I mean all of them it takes a commitment if want change to happen we gotta step up now not later I'll take 5 pounds at least more is better damn next yr ayfl need change right now asap...they have the age wheres the weight u tell in a kid that weights 116 loose weight if he wanna play dont eat change his eating habits take laxitives if possible run laps after laps which is not healthy at all wears the kids out if ayfl cares which I doute they do change it ijs but with everybody help y not try to complain makes it easier for coaches who aren't even getting paid a dime but I tell one thing I like way the flo did talk negative all u want about em but they give all kids a chance we lost kids to flo Cus of parents complaining my son not gone make weight I mean last yr we lost like 4 kids huge kids studs it hurt to loose all that as a coach but I like ayfl reason being best ran league hands down we been threw this last yr no need to debate about it my point is guys who reading this in ayfl let's do something bout it spread the word to the parents coaches etc I'm down for it
Comment by tim 6 hours ago
Same to you and yours David
Comment by David 6 hours ago
@ ain't nothing wrong with that. Do what's best for you guys. Best of luck to you guys
Comment by tim 6 hours ago
Flo. 2 years of playing under the dictatorship was enough for me. It was cool but I'm to rebellious for AYFL.
Comment by David 6 hours ago
@ Tim you still at miramar or in FLO this year homie
Comment by David 7 hours ago
Especially with the 140's.. How you gonna take away unlimiteds an all those big skill players over 140 u gonna make them play the line? S*** make no sense.. They should get Atleast 20lbs. Make the skill 160
Comment by tim 7 hours ago
So AYFL wants age and weight

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