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Comment by The Miramar Wolverines 4 hours ago
I could have sworn that I read somewhere in this forum that the "bengals 115" didn't scrimmage within the league. But, that's none of my business! #MakeUpYourMind
Comment by Raww & Uncut 5 hours ago
Wednesday come to Miramar chris lets do it damn it lmao
Comment by Christopher McGonigal 8 hours ago
For those coaches in the ayfl capin about my team playing Sunrise on Saturday need to pick up the phone and ask me for some work. Atleast the Sunrise team had the guts to ask me. Keep hiding i know who who you are and your day will come. Hats off to the Sunrise Gators coaching staff. They want to get better and thats what scrimages are for. #yeaisaidit
Comment by Cameron 12 hours ago
@coach D every my staff does it at Coral Springs we compete year in and year out my 140 team last year went to the first round and we lost to a stud Miramar team by 12
Comment by Keith Thompson 15 hours ago
Nwb raiders
Comment by Coach D yesterday
Serious question how many coaches can actually coach a group of kids who not studs n nobody want n make them into something n learn n teach
Comment by Coach AJ on Sunday
@david bra just be on that pw sideline week 10 its going to be a great game
Comment by steven mcbride on Sunday
@david it worked out well enough for you to heavily recruit and for the world to notice. We had a decent year. You didn't win it all so your pretty much in the same boat as me. There was 1 champion. And keep us irrelevant with your lookin' azz. I joined rebels last year so stats and championship background is nullified to me
Comment by Raww & Uncut on Sunday
This yr should be interesting scrimmages does not justify your season at all....but that S*** was.thick asf lol
Comment by Meal on Sunday
@da Boss, sound like somethng to me..
Comment by Da Boss on Sunday
Comment by David on Sunday
Lmao let be clear, it don't matter what you got period.. Y'all irrelevant to me. I'm not on pw so it don't matter. 95 & 115's. I got two sons combined 11 yrs playing against y'all park and only one touchdown ever been scored against them both.. Mark is a great player and great addition to a team that was already loaded! How well did that work out for him last year on the other side of it? Not to well, but he's in the right place and going to teach n coach him to the best of his abilities and show what a true beast he is..
Comment by coach kenny on Sunday
AYFL represented today. It don't matter if your kids are bigger they have to know what theyare doing
Comment by steven mcbride on Sunday
@david I respect the canes . But lookers and leaches we will no longer reply to. You should be praising us for giving you the best player on your team. Stay humble little hommie. You coaching 95 and looking at us.
Comment by steven mcbride on Sunday
@david we gave up 1 play loss 6-0 on the scoreboard without a starting center. Ask anybody who had the the most yards. The better defense. A lot of people were there that should have informed you better. But they won the Scrimmage 6-0 but we did the smashing
Comment by Coach Q on Sunday
Damn all I hear is crickets coming out of Dade.
Comment by Coach AJ on Sunday
Is u drunk ask what the score was
Comment by David on Sunday
@ coach aj I heard y'all got spanked by the canes
Comment by Coach AJ on Sunday
Ayfl all day
Comment by Coach AJ on Sunday
And my fort.lauderdale rebel peewee 8u gave DA business to Dania bears n dA hurricanes...

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