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Comment by Fan of Youth Football 1 hour ago
Hurricanes 11u, team doing your thang man!! That QB, running backs, receiving core and defense are on point! Told u, just a little adjusting and look at u! Test for u this weekend, Deerfield, but if you pass them, only thing in your way is Vikings, Bulldogs and Chiefs in my opinion!!!
Comment by Tony Cooper 2 hours ago
My lil fool gud ova here and far as pulling him off the team huh ? For what! one game nah man. jr got hundreds of pics and news paper clippings so i mite switch it up 2 3 times a day. @Derrick the O line laid dwn cause of them big monsters yall had on the line lol and i
dnt care if it was superman in the back field it takes a whole team!! Coach made the call tha it wasn't worth finishing @matt it aint no secret Tht yall the s*** !!! Lil homie yall done won it lik 6times i dnt knw who blow it outta control lik it was bread on the line thts crazy but keep doing yo thang tho u and willie the TRUTH
Comment by edgar irving 3 hours ago
@ Juan game was a lot harder then it should have been. With X would have been a run away
Some of the kids did not find out about X until wednesday, so they was not sure of Themselves
But they pulled it off. Should make us a stronger team in the long run
Comment by Coach Lett 4 hours ago
What was the score of the NWb and lakes 10u
Comment by matt geimer 5 hours ago

@Tony Cooper we all want to hear your side of the story. Did you really pull #34 off the team?

Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 6 hours ago
They say we too small but one thing about it we been winning for four years!!!
Comment by Derrick Jones 6 hours ago

@ Tony Cooper did you switch teams after the PPO 13U game?  Who are you affiliated with Creek or Boca? What happened after the 1st half, # 34 was a no show, just asking is he okay?

LMAO on the photo switch!

Comment by Coach Lj 12 hours ago
Nwb 11u 34 lakes 0
Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 13 hours ago
Hurricanes 11u 27-6 over East Boyton
Comment by Kareem Abdulaziz yesterday

AYF 2014 Pre-Season Rankings

Division II

Jr Midget Top 25
1. Bay Area (CA)
2. Waldoff Wildcats (MD)
3. Holmdel (NJ)
4. Stafford Falcons (VA)
5. Manalapan (NJ)
6. Santa Monica (CA)
7. Brick Dragon (NJ)
8. Lathrop (CA)
9. Manchester (NJ)
10. Downey (CA)
11. Montgomery Black knights (MD)
12. South Fork (NC)
13. Tri-City (CA)
14. Parkside (MD)
15. Jackson (NJ)
16. SAC Longhorn (CA)
17. Mallard Creek (NC)
18. Peppermill (MD)
19. Paramount (CA)
20. Middleton (NJ)
21. Union Cross (NC)
22. Baltimore Brown (MD)
23. LA Demos (CA)
24. Rochester (NY)
25. Sac 49ers (CA)
Pee Wee Top 25
1. Garden Villa (TX)
2. Wall (NJ)
3. Stafford Falcons (VA)
4. Prospect Hall (TX)
5. St. John (AL)
6. Montgomery Knight (MD)
7. Santa Monica (CA)
8. Tom River Angels (NJ)
9. Long Branch (NJ)
10. Fairfield (CA)
11. Lakewood (CA)
12. Sac 49ers (CA)
13. Kip Bay (NY)
14. Neptune (NJ)
15. West Baltimore (MD)
16. Marlboro (NJ)
17. Mallard Creek (NC)
18. Kernerville (NC)
19. Rosemont (CA)
20. Fauquier (VA)
21. Paramount (CA)
22. 757 Colts (VA)
23. Mission Veijo (CA)
24. Shore (NJ)
25. Lathrop (CA)
Jr Pee Wee Top 25
1. Winston Salem Indian (NC)
2. Manalapan (NJ)
3. New Star (TX)
4. Bay Area (CA)
5. Garden Villa (TX)
6. Howell (NJ)
7. Kip bay (NY)
8. San Francisco 49ers (CA)
9. Downey (CA)
10. Manchester (NJ)
11. Fairfield (CA)
12. Brick Memorial (NJ)
13. Lathrop (CA)
14. Stafford Falcons (VA)
15. Hunterdon (NJ)
16. Rochcester (NY)
17. St. John (AL)
18. Peppermill (MD)
19. Long Branch (NJ)
20. Hunterville (AL)
21. Parkside (MD)
22. Prospect Hall (TX)
23. NY War Chief (NY)
24. El Segundo (CA)
25. Southfield Falcons (MI)
Cadet Top 10
Will come out Week 4.
Regions & Leagues playing for a D2 National Title
Southeast (NAAYF)
Midwest (SEMAYL)
Southwest (GHAYFC, SAAYF)
Desert Pacific (PAYF, PCC)
Mountain Northwest (NorCal)
Comment by Kareem Abdulaziz yesterday

AYF Pre-Season 2014 rankings 

All American/Unlimited

9th/15U Top 10
1. Greensboro (NC)
2. Westside (MI)
3. Montgomery Village (MD)
4. Wilmington (DE)
5. Lamond Riggs (DC)
6. Missouri Patriot (TX)
7. Pitt County (NC)
8. Michigan Bulldogs (MI)
9. Tucson Raiders (AZ)
10. Poincena (FL)
8th/14U Top 25
1. Apopka (FL)
2. Marlboro (MD)
3. New Britian (CT)
4. Mira Mesa (CA)
5. Central Jersey (NJ)
6. CLCF (RI)
7. River Plaza (NJ)
8. Grayson Rams (GA)
9. Charles County Spartans (MD)
10. Shrewbury (MA)
11. Pelham (NH)
12. Ponta Verde (FL)
13. Manassas (VA)
14. SEV (AZ)
15. Missouri Wolverines (MO)
16. Wayland (MA)
17. Inland Empire (CA)
18. Gainesville (FL)
19. Oak Groves (FL)
20. South Dutchess (NY)
21. Southfield Falcons (MI)
22. Winston Salem Rams (NC)
23. Grant (OR)
24. Westlake (MD)
25. Meridian (CT)
7th/13U Top 25
1. Edgewater (FL)
2. Los toros (CA)
3. Marlboro (MD)
4. Westside (MI)
5. Bridgeport (CT)
6. Warrenville (OH)
7. Harlem (NY)
8. Poincena (FL)
9. New Britain (CT)
10. CLCF (RI)
11. Shrewbury (MA)
12. South Dutchess (NY)
13. Londonderry (NH)
14. Milton (MA)
15. Mahopac (NY)
16. Cedar Hill (TX)
17. New York War Chief (NY)
18. Pelham (NH)
19. Michigan Bulldogs (MI)
20. Natick (MA)
21. Eastlake (CA)
22. Leominster (MA)
23. Oviedo (FL)
24. Ormond beach (FL)
25. Eastside (MI)
6th/12U Top 25
1. Grant (OR)
2. Wellesley (MA)
3. Gainesville (FL)
4. Edgewater (FL)
5. Vista Ridge (TX)
6. Westlake (MD)
7. West Mabee (OK)
8. Hartford (CT)
9. Beacon Hill (WA)
10. Rockwell (TX)
11. Bonita (CA)
12. Norwalk (CT)
13. Leominster (MA)
14. Grayson (GA)
15. CLCF (RI)
16. West Orlando (FL)
17. Tyler Lions (TX)
18. Helping Hand (FL)
19. South Dutchess (NY)
20. South Caldwell (NC)
21. Providence Northeast (RI)
22. Painesville (OH)
23. East Tulsa (OK)
24. Brooklyn United (NY)
25. Spotsylvania Cougars (VA)
5th/11U, and 4th/10U Top 25
These rankings will be out beginning Week 4.
Regions & leagues playing for a Unlimited National Title
Central Midwest (KCAYF)
Desert Pacific (PAYF, TYFSF, SDYFC, PCC)
Mountain Northwest (PAL, GSYFC)
Comment by Juan Restrepo yesterday
@Edgar Irving

Thx fam. He did real well. Had 1td run and 2 int. I tell u one thing. That flow league a different monster. 200lbs kids lol. And glad to see yall pulled a W today. Keep it up.
Comment by Kareem Abdulaziz yesterday

AYF Pre-Season Rankings

Division 1

Midget Top 10
1. Charm City (MD)
2. Santa Moncia (CA)
3. Richmond (CA)
4. Enon (PA)
5. Oakland (CA)
6. Twin Cities (CA)
7. Fox Rok (PA)
8. Gilbert (AZ)
9. Bay Area (CA)
10. West Valley (AZ)
Jr Midget Top 25
1. White Oak (MD)
2. SEV (AZ)
3. Detroit Dolpins (MI)
4. Northside (NC)
5. Vacaville Bengals (CA)
6. Desert Highland (AZ)
7. Marana (AZ)
8. Dale City (VA)
9. FTS Bills (NC)
10. Oak Grove (CA)
11. Mesa (AZ)
12. Solano (CA)
13. Landover (MD)
14. Southfield Falcons (MI)
15. Stafford Wolverines (VA)
16. Tucson Wildcats (AZ)
17. Pfaffstown (NC)
18. Parkside (MD)
19. Hampton Road (VA)
20. Enon (PA)
21. Buffalo Wolverines (NY)
22. Winston Salem Rams (NC)
23. Fox Rok (PA)
24. Pedigree (VA)
25. Charm City (MD)
Pee Wee Top 25
1. PG Storm (MD)
2. Desert Highland (AZ)
3. Oak Grove (CA)
4. Montgomery Village (MD)
5. Southfield Falcons (MI)
6. Southside (TX)
7. Tucson Falcons (AZ)
8. Vacaville Bengals (CA)
9. Harlem (NY)
10. Manassas (VA)
11. Marana (AZ)
12. Palo Alto (CA)
13. Hampton Road (VA)
14. Oro Valley (AZ)
15. Forsyth (NC)
16. Derita (NC)
17. Detroit Dolphins (MI)
18. Mint Hill (NC)
19. White Oak (MD)
20. Fredericksburg Bears (VA)
21. 3rd Ward (TX)
22. Fox Rok (PA)
23. North Sac Hurricanes (CA)
24. Queen City Steelers (NY)
25. Enon (PA)
Jr Pee Wee Top 25
1. Southside (TX)
2. Fox Rok (PA)
3. West Valley (AZ)
4. Solano (CA)
5. Kernerville (NC)
6. WNY Steelers (NY)
7. Sac Raiders (CA)
8. Harlem (NY)
9. San Francisco Bomber (CA)
10. Manassas (VA)
11. Tucson Raiders (AZ)
12. Montgomery Village (MD)
13. Metro Bengals (MD)
14. Dulles (VA)
15. West Valley (AZ)
16. Frankford (PA)
17. South Fork (NC)
18. Tucson 49ers (AZ)
19. Charles Country Spartans (MD)
20. Desert highland (AZ)
21. Vacaville Bengals (CA)
22. Landover (MD)
23. Southfield Ravens (MI)
24. Derita (NC)
25. New York War Chiefs (NY)
Cadet Top 15
1. Parkside (MD)
2. Oak Grove (CA)
3. Forestville (MD)
4. southside (TX)
5. Virginia Beach Raiders (VA)
6. Vacaville Bengals (CA)
7. Fredericksburg Yellowjackets (VA)
8. Enon (PA)
9. WNY Steelers (NY)
10. Vail (AZ)
11. Forsyth (NC)
12. Derita (NC)
13. Mesa (AZ)
14. West Baltimore (MD)
15. Buffalo Wolverines (NY)
Regions, and Leagues playing for a D1 National Title
Midwest (SEMAYL)
Southwest (GHAYFC)
Desert Pacific (PAYF, TYFSF)
Mountian Northwest (NorCal)
Comment by David yesterday
Another big win today 46-0.. On to the next... Big ups to the whole park 18-0..enjoy and get back to work.. Stay focused!
Comment by Raww & Uncut yesterday
Lmao...naww its cool I feel u I respect.ya to always will love the comp and that's something u and ur boys bring much respect its football talk baby Saturday its going down y'all ready we ready we just waiting.on the day to come and the refs to blow that whistle...
Comment by edgar irving yesterday
Great game today creek and pop 125s. Now that's over next week we going back home
To take on the rebels. With smiles on our faces and malice in our hearts
Comment by Christopher McGonigal yesterday
Raww, u know i dont talk on big game weeks. I got nothing but respect for ur teAm and i love coaches and teams that make me work. Yooooo!
Comment by Raww & Uncut yesterday
Ooohhhh I likw the big talk
Comment by Christopher McGonigal yesterday
@Kenny. Lmao...u my dude...u dont have to check the schedule. U got them boys next saturday. Them girls at Kod gettin pAid next saturday night. LmAo
Comment by coach kenny yesterday
Good to get back on track 41-0 . I will check the schedule to see who we play next week. #wolfpack

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