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Comment by Juan Restrepo 17 hours ago

Thank. Wish u guys the best of luck also.
Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 on Wednesday


Comment by Fan of Youth Football on Tuesday

@ all, don't know who to place my bet on Saturday for the FYFL matchup, East Boynton vs Ft Lauderdale 11u, just kidding, I don't bet money on the kids, but I really don't know what team is gonna take it, I'm gonna go with my gut feeling, Ft Lauderdale by 12!!!! @ Mike Mike Beastmode and Simeal, what u think?

Comment by Tony Cooper on Tuesday
@ joe joe yeah i knw they full ova there and Thanks for the compliment my son works HARD. But win or lose they will respect # 34 as a hand full
Comment by joe joe on Tuesday
@ Edgar, Creeks 13U could easily lose 42-0 to PPO not your 12U/125lb team. You misunderstood me.
Comment by edgar irving on Monday
42-0 I think (we)Creek will be Honored just to be on the field
with PPO. Lamo. creek 125s
Comment by yungceo on Monday

where the hell is ceez its about that time of year for him and chris to be at it

Comment by Coach D MGX on Monday
Carol City Chiefs 14U
Comment by joe joe on Monday
@ Tony, I love the way your son runs but you guys play PPO's 13U this week and their team is too loaded for any one player to make a difference, ask the Ravens. But tell your son to keep his head up,he is the real deal. PPO 42 Creek 0.
Comment by Coach D on Sunday
Class of 2019 class at rb loaded
Comment by Coach Lj on Sunday
Why you say that mike mike
Comment by Mike Mike Beastmode #4 on Sunday
South west Seminoles... Dhat... raiders are a joke
Comment by COACH RO on Sunday
Wright and Cook Cook and Wright makes me know difference as long as my boys in the convo 1and 2 backs in the nation class of 2019 not my words Gennext and scout al words but i do agree good job fellas keep it up love you guys A.G.I #BELIEVE THE HYPE
Comment by Jagarosa on Sunday
Damn this place miss coach Ceez!!! This s*** is like a old folks home without his rants, and antagonist ways! He kept this s*** live! Oh well back to FYFL for me.
Comment by coach kenny on Sunday
Davie good game today. Promise my boys will be ready in November. #wolfpack
Comment by Tony Cooper on Sunday
PPO next week Let's Go
Comment by Tony Cooper on Sunday
13U 26-0
Comment by Christopher McGonigal on Saturday
49-0 Back to our corner...
Comment by Christopher McGonigal on Saturday
@john bock, sorry u cant coach thats a sad story...
You apperantly have an issue with reading comprehension. I coach 11u not 12u. We beat springs 49-0 today. I dont ever tell people im a good coach. My product speaks for itself. Ur d2 pop warner team last year, who was older thAn my boys would have got smashed and thats why u dodged me. Stay off the message boards. Go right another concussion policy for the NFL. Oh and John 1 question for you. Do you wear thongs or boy shorts to bed. Lmao...GTFOH
Comment by Jalen Reeves Dad on Saturday
@Raw i feel you bro, springs sat our heavies most for a pound or less (a lot of starters) then celebrated like they won the super bowl. Its all good though on to week 3.

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